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Compassion Comes From Humble Beginnings


When the founder, Mrs. Eucharia Osuoha traveled to Nigeria in 2006 to visit her family, she witnessed deplorable and dilapidated conditions of the hospitals and health clinics that brought back memories of the untold misery and human suffering witnessed during the Nigerian/Biafra war, which ended in 1970. Many of the people she saw looked very sick, malnourished and depressed. A majority of the people she knew prior to coming to the United States of America had already passed away.

The village hospitals had literarily no medications or equipment necessary to provide needed treatment to the people. The doctors, along with the other health professionals in the village hospitals had nothing to work with. One could compare that situation to trying to put out a house fire with bare hands. Many of the poor villagers met their premature deaths to preventable diseases. She has lost two cherished siblings, many relatives and friends because of it.

LHI is currently working with 2 hospitals in two Imo state villages: St. Vincent DePaul Hospital at Amurie Omanze and Ubahaeze Community Hospital at Ubahaeze, Orodo. All of the equipment and medical supplies received will be shipped to these two hospitals. Efforts will be made to ensure that the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel are trained on how to use them.

Meanwhile, we are embarking on a yearly medical mission to Nigeria. As the organization grows, the number of medical trips will be increased.  A group of local Lifting Hearts Visiting nurses is going from house to house taking care of the elderly and those with serious illnesses.These local LHI visiting nurses check their blood sugar levels, their blood pressure levels, render sanitary and medical advice and administer medical treatment where appropriate. Support for the local visiting nurse program is very high in our agenda.

Lifting Hearts International (LHI) is a non-profit corporation, registered in the state of Michigan for charitable and humanitarian purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3), Internal Revenue code. Our intent is to benefit the poor and needy all over the world, especially the third world countries The primary goal of LHI is to provide medical services to the needy and the disadvantaged.


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