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Our Medical Journey to Nigeria, December 2008


LHI worked tirelessly for 3 weeks visiting the villagers in their homes and offering them medications and medical advice, checking their sugar and blood pressure levels, and more importantly teaching them hygiene.  Those who were seriously sick went to the village hospital where they were treated with some of the medications we donated to the hospital. 

The village community was very happy and thankful for our humanitarian work.  The village priest celebrated Mass to thank God for the gifts received and to ask God to grant us journey mercies as we prepared to return to the United States. He prayed for all those who contributed in one way or the other towards the medical mission.  St. Vincent DePaul Hospital at Amurie Omanze, the primary beneficiary of most of the medications shipped in December wrote letters of appreciation to St. Isidore Catholic Church in Macomb Township, Mount Clements Hospital Guild, Binson’s Homecare, etc.

Our first medical journey exposed us to the fundamental needs of the people and left us wanting to undertake another trip in 2009. The photographs we brought home vividly and graphically show the magnitude of help desperately needed by these people. Any person who looks at the pictures will be moved to sympathy and perhaps tears. We are so materially blessed in this country that it is easy to forget other cultures that struggle to survive with so little. We are receiving calls from people wanting to know what they can do for these villagers. Please consider joining our efforts to provide hope to those who so desperately need our help.. Please help us restore dignity to the disadvantaged.


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